Speaker Series

Dr. Nicole Bannister, Ph.D. Assistant Professor College of Education, Clemson University

Friday, September 22, 2017 1:00PM to 2:30PM
LSRI 1535, 1240 W Harrison Street

Title: A Frame Analysis Approach for Analyzing Teacher Learning in Communities of Practice

Abstract: The crux of most educational reforms hinge upon strategies of teacher learning, a process serving as the presumed mediator of theory and practice, policy and procedure, teacher collaboration and student learning. In the broadest and most neutral sense possible, teacher learning indicates some sort of state change with respect to beliefs, knowledge, practice, participation, or habits of mind. Learning is a dynamic social process, yet few teacher learning studies conceptualize or analyze data using social theories of learning. In this presentation, I make the case that an amalgam of conceptual tools from the frame analysis and communities of practice literatures offers provisional tools for empirical analyses of teacher learning. I will present examples of the ways in which I have used these tools in studies of teacher learning—viewed individually or as part of a collective—as well as discuss the broader implications for research in mathematics education and the learning sciences.