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Jim Pellegrino, co-director of Learning Sciences Research Institute, has been elected vice president of the National Academy of Education.

He will serve in the position until 2017.

LSRI Co-director Jim Pellegrino said that he and fellow crafters of new criteria for high-quality assessment that aligns with impending Common Core curricula envision a "suite" of assessments, not just one summative test. 

LSRI Co-director Jim Pellegrino and an influential group of the nation's leading education experts are aiming to change testing as we know it to help promote deeper learning of the 21st skills that students need to succeed in today's economy.

Don Wink, a chemistry professor with LSRI, has been named a University Scholar.

David Becker, a 4th-year graduate student at LSRI, has been named one of 12 Champions of Change by the White House.

Catalyst Chicago features LSRI Co-director Susan Goldman and Project READI in a story that looks at how Chicago Public Schools will be using new teaching approaches that LSR

LSRI Co-director Jim Pellegrino, one of the nation's leading cognitive scientists, will be speaking on three panels at the June 19 national conference sponsored by the Council of Chief State School Officers in Maryland.