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Nov 3 2023

LSRI Speaker Series: Dr. Jonte Myers – Georgia State University

Speaker Series

November 3, 2023

1:00 PM - 2:30 PM


1535A SSB, and Zoom


1240 West Harrison, Suite 1535, Chicago, IL 60607

Dr. Jonte Myers

Title: Building Bridges, Advancing Math Success Among Students with Disabilities: The
Crucial Role of Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration in the Learning Sciences

Abstract: Students with disabilities in the US consistently achieve lower scores on standardized
mathematics assessments than their non-disabled peers. This achievement gap is a pressing
concern, as proficiency in mathematics is pivotal for success in academic, professional, and
everyday life contexts. Fortunately, several evidence-based practices, such as technology-
schema-and cognitive-based interventions, effectively address this disparity. These interventions
comprise various components that align with disciplines within the Learning Sciences, including
cognitive psychology, education technology, educational psychology, and mathematics
education. Critically, there is a continued need to evaluate existing interventions and develop and
research new and innovative approaches for increasing the mathematics achievement of students
with disabilities. Cross-disciplinary collaboration among experts in the Learning Sciences is
essential for advancing our understanding of effective mathematics interventions and creating
innovative practices to increase these students' mathematics proficiency. This presentation will
examine the multifaceted nature of effective interventions for improving the mathematical
achievement of students with disabilities. We will also explore how different domains
complement one another to create more robust interventions. Furthermore, we will discuss the
pivotal role of cross-disciplinary collaboration as a driving force in advancing the mathematical
performance of students with disabilities and the potential challenges we might face in this

Bio: Dr. Jonté A. Myers is an Assistant Professor of Special Education in the Department of
Learning Sciences at Georgia State University. He earned his doctoral degree from the
University of Florida in 2019, where he majored in Special Education and obtained a minor in
Quantitative Research and Evaluation methods. His research identifies and evaluates evidence-
based practices for supporting math achievement among students with and at risk for learning
disabilities (LD). He also focuses on mathematics teacher quality and effectiveness among
adolescents facing mathematical challenges, including students with LD. His work has been
published in leading peer-review journals, such as the Review of Educational Research and the
Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness.



Andrew G Krzak

Date posted

Jun 14, 2023

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Sep 7, 2023