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Sep 13 2019

What Sticks and Why? Investigating—and Designing for—Both Change and Persistence

September 13, 2019

1:00 PM - 2:30 PM




1240 W Harrison St., Chicago, IL 60607

Dr. Eleanor Anderson

Northwestern University

School of Education and Social Policy

Research-practice partnerships often confront a dual challenge: making new tools and practices “stick” so as to last beyond a limited grant period, and negotiating existing structures so “sticky” that they persist even in the face of efforts to undo them. In this talk, I present a conceptual framework to structure investigations and strategizing around the paradox of sustainability. I illustrate the value of this MoRe Institutional approach in the context of the ongoing implementation and (partial) institutionalization of Restorative Justice Practices in the Chicago Public Schools. Drawing on data from more than 130 hours of fieldwork, I demonstrate how attention to mechanisms of institutionalization (or lack thereof) allows for an analysis of sustainability in real time. Moreover, using examples from an ongoing design-based implementation research project, I demonstrate how these insights can translate to design principles for sustainable implementation including attention to organizational routines, metrics, and shared professional identities.

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Enrique Puente

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Sep 13, 2019

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Sep 19, 2019