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LSRI Travel Funds


Graduate students who are presenting a paper or poster at a conference may apply for $250.00 in travel funds once every academic year. The applicant does not have to be first author but must be the presenting author. Please detail your projected conference-related expenditures below. These funds can also be used for other relevant professional development activities or events, such as writing workshops.

A signed copy of this application, along with a copy of the conference acceptance or event description, needs to be filed with the Director of Graduate Studies at least thirty days prior to the conference/event.

Please note: this is a reimbursement program, based on the submission of original receipts. Also note that there are additional, supplementary funds for graduate students (up to $200) from LAS. These funds are not guaranteed every year. Please check with the LSRI Director for updates on the availability of these funds.

Download the application here:

Application Procedure

  1. Fill out the application above at least 30 days before travel.
  2. Forward filled-out application to an advisor for approval signature.
  3. Once approved and signed, scan and email the signed application, along with a copy of the conference acceptance, to the Director of Graduate Studies.
  4. The Director of Graduate Studies will send you an official award acceptance email with the number of the fund from which your reimbursement will come out.
  5. When you receive the acceptance email with that number, upload it to TEM.
  6. Within 15 days after returning from your trip, submit original receipts for all reimbursable expenses during travel using the university’s TEM system — Travel and Expense Management. Examples of reimbursable expenses include hotel, air-fare, transportation (taxi, transit, Uber, etc.) and poster printing. Meals are not reimbursable; however, you may be eligible for per diem. For help with tasks like logging in, creating an expense report, and assigning a proxy, please contact Deborah Starks.


How far ahead do I have to submit my application?

Students must apply at least thirty days in advance of the travel plans.

Can I get the funds before the conference?

Unfortunately not. The travel funds program is a reimbursement-only program. The student is required to pay for conference travel expenses upfront.

When will I be reimbursed?

Reimbursement does not process until after your conference trip. It takes at least a month for reimbursement, sometimes more.

May I still apply for other travel funds if my LSRI grant is approved?

These funds are not meant to replace, substitute for, or preclude applying for other travel funds from the Graduate College, other university sources, or any external funding sources. Students are encouraged to apply for all possible sources of funding for travel to meetings where they are presenting research. Sometimes the organization hosting the conference will offer subsidies for graduate student travel. Also, be sure to check the other UIC sources listed here.

May I apply for a second conference during the same year?

A second application can be considered if funds are available or if a special circumstance is approved. If a student is submitting a second application in a given year, a rationale for the request will need to be provided.