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Humans of Learning Sciences Podcast Presents Dr. Kalonji Nzinga

The Humans of Learning Sciences podcast aims to amplify the diverse perspectives of scholars in the Learning Sciences. Rather than focusing on interviewee's research agendas or scholarly accomplishments, Humans will foreground what's typically unspoken: Why we do what we do, what inspires and challenges us, and what we have learned about ourselves and others by studying and supporting learning across settings.

Humans of LS is co-produced by Dr. Mon-Lin Monica Ko and Andrew Gregory Krzak, with generous support from the Learning Sciences Research Institute at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Why are so many people around the globe enamored with hip hop culture? How do young people develop morality and ethics through their engagement with rap music? These are questions that Dr. Kalonji Nzinga, an assistant professor of Learning Sciences and Human Development at the University of Colorado, Boulder, tries to answer through his work. In today’s episode, we’ll talk about:

….hip hop as an art form that comes from African traditions of storytelling,
…the differences between oral vs. written traditions in transmitting knowledge within a community, and
...the etymology of the word “woke”.

What is fascinating about Kalonji is his ability to push boundaries in ways that allow him to fully live into his multi-hyphenate identity – as a hip hop artist, cultural psychologist, educator, and learning scientist. We’re so excited to bring this conversation to you today.

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