Jim Pellegrino wins prestigious AERA award

James Pellegrino, co-director of the Learning Sciences Research Institute, has won the 2013 American Educational Research Association’s Robert L. Linn Distinguished Address Award.

Pellegrino won the award because during the past four decades, he has contributed substantially to the field, where he has worked to connect cognitive and learning sciences theory to assessment policy and practices. His leadership of and participation with National Research Council committees have resulted in policy proposals that address the complex problems that confront contemporary educational assessment, from improving NAEP to measuring 21st century skills. Pellegrino also has helped create a vision for the future of learning assessment. His research has influenced what happens in classrooms in the United States and abroad, and has helped shape military research and development, as well as national policy.

Pellegrino also is a Liberal Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor, and a Distinguished Professor of Education. His research and development interests focus on children's and adult's thinking and learning and the implications of cognitive research and theory for assessment and instructional practice. His research and writing have focused on the role of cognitive theory and technology in educational reform, and in translating results from the educational and psychological research arenas into implications for practitioners and policy makers.

The award honors a scholar whose work bridges educational measurement and another significant area of research, such as assessment policy or curriculum instruction, and has resulted in a widespread, positive impact on the field of educational measurement. The contributions may include theoretical or technical developments, conceptualizations of educational measurement issues that have enhanced public understanding of these issues, or innovative ideas that improve the validity and effectiveness of educational assessments. It is given by Division D, the division on Measurement and Research Methodology.

Pellegrino will receive his award at the annual AERA meeting in April in San Francisco.