Jim Pellegrino discusses college - and career - readiness with NCEE

LSRI Co-Director Jim Pellegrino joined a panel with the National Center on Education and the Economy May 7 to talk about its new report, What Does It Really Mean to Be College and Work Ready? The Mathematics and English Literacy Required of First Year Community College Students.

"What we’re really sort of picking up here," he said, "is what we are not doing in the course of K to 12 is helping students to get to the level of knowledge and skill to support transfer and to grapple with texts" — essential ingredients to success in college and beyond.

His comments come from the NCEE's day-long meeting on the new report, held in Washington, D.C. Pellegrino served on the report's technical advisory committee.

You can listen to the webcast of the entire panel discussion, or read the report.

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