A screenshot of the little creatures pictured on the classroom screen.

WallCology is an in-classroom computer simulation designed to support the teaching and learning goals of ecology and the scientific process. Multiple computers serve as 'peepholes' into the walls of the classroom to view an imaginary ecosystem with virtual flora and fauna. The students are situated in this complex virtual ecosystem, where they conduct investigations and make claims about different species, their classification, their habitats, and their mutual relationships.

At the school, the sixth-grade students learn about ecosystems and ecologies using WallCology, in the Science Lab. WallCology was developed by a team of learning scientists, including Dr. Tom Moher.

Unlike many teaching technologies, WallCology does not take away from the agency of the teacher. Instead, the teacher is an essential element in the students' learning experience - the teacher instructs and guides students through the different activities and processes involved in WallCology.