Photo of Holtz, Rachel

Rachel Holtz

Graduate Student

Learning Sciences Research Institute


Building & Room:

1570 SSB


1240 W. Harrison St.


Hobbies & Interests

dystopian literature, yoga, skipping town, goats & cats, cooking vegan food, even though I'm not vegan.

Why Learning Sciences?

The questions I have about writing in the hard sciences could not be answered with only pursuing a PhD in English or Rhet/Comp. I needed a field that could help me investigate learning through multiple lens and theories.

Why LSRI at UIC?

Why not?! I love being at a public research institution in the middle of Chicago.


M.A. British and American Literature B.A. English with teaching certificate in secondary education

Selected Presentations

Chicago Arts Partnership in Education (CAPE)

Research Currently in Progress

disciplinary literacies; post-secondary science writing