Photo of Snow, Melanie

Melanie Snow

Graduate Student

Learning Sciences Research Institute


Building & Room:

1570 SSB


1240 W. Harrison St.




Entered Program

Fall 2013



Tampa, FL

Professional Goals

To obtain a PhD and lead workshops for K-12 educators. Big overarching goal with teaching educators in some way in higher education.

Hobbies & Interests

I like to bake cupcakes -- and the more challenging the request, the better. A friend likes Hostess cupcakes, so I figured out a way to replicate them.

Why Learning Sciences?

I was seeking a degree that was a blend of curriculum design, technology, and educational psychology, and one that would revolve around chemistry instruction. Unlike colleges of education, where you look at one specific thing, LSRI allows you to look at learning holistically because you can look at how curriculum interacts with the students, or at the psychology behind learning.

Why LSRI at UIC?

UIC offers a diverse student and faculty population. It feels like an authentic representation of the school populations and teachers that I hope to work with.


B.S.,Georgia Institute of Technology, Earth and Atmospheric Science
MEd Georgia State University, Science Education