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Teaching Integrated Mathematics And Science (TIMS) & Math Trailblazers

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The Teaching Integrated Mathematics and Science (TIMS) Project is at the forefront of current national efforts to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics and science in elementary (K-8) schools. Project activities include teacher professional development, school outreach, curriculum development, and research into the efficacy of project programs and curricula.

The Math Trailblazers Research and Revision Study (MTBRR), funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF-0242704), is an examination of the Math Trailblazers curriculum and its impact on teaching and learning. Its purpose is to inform revision of the curriculum, as well as contribute to the general knowledge of the impact of comprehensive, Standards-based mathematics curricula in elementary schools. It is comprised of four (both past and present) research projects. This site describes the current status of each of the studies, outlines their implications for revision to the curriculum, and provides information on the status of the revision process.

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The ARC Center Tri-State Achievement Study (abstract) (Sconiers, S., J. McBride, A.C. Isaacs, C.R. Kelso, and T. Higgins)
Washington State Math Trailblazers Student Achievement Report (Kelso, C.R., B. Booton, and D. Majumdar)
Math Trailblazers Research and Revision Study Annual Report to the National Science Foundation. June 5, 2007.
UIC-Harvey Local Systemic Change Project: Summary of a Student Outcomes Study (Kelso, C.R., and S. Zhao)

Math Trailblazers Research and Revision Study Annual Report to NSF