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All Learn Mathematics (ALM)

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The University of Illinois at Chicago-All Learn Mathematics Project (UIC-ALM) is a school-university initiative designed to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics in grades K-8. Since its inception in 1995, UIC-ALM has supported more than 900 teachers in over 85 schools in the Chicago Area. The context of this initiative is schools with diverse populations including large populations of minority and low income students and diverse settings including urban and suburban schools.

The project includes a comprehensive staff development program for teachers, in-school follow-up support, classroom implementation of Standards-based mathematics curricula, and development of teacher leadership within schools.

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staff development program stresses and goals:

  • Standards-based instruction and teaching strategies
  • a range of mathematical topics with emphasis on the Illinois Learning Standards for Mathematics and the Illinois Mathematics Assessment Frameworks
  • the role of calculators in the development of thinking and communication skills
  • the use of assessments as an integral part of the instructional process
  • the integration of curriculum
  • a focus on the dual role of teachers as learners and as teachers of middle school or elementary school students
  • the development of teachers’ conceptual understanding of the mathematical content and pedagogy for teaching standards-based mathematics
  • the active engagement of students in their own learning
  • the improvement of student achievement in mathematics

In 1999 the National Staff Development Council cited the ALM Project in its publication What Works in the Middle: Results-Based Staff Development.

In 2000 the National Staff Development Council cited the ALM Project in its publication What Works in the Elementary School: Results-Based Staff Development.

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  • Monica Von Plinsky

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