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Office Phone

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Entered Program

Fall 2010



  • M.S., Chemistry
  • B.S., Chemistry


Colorado Springs, CO; Madison, WI

Professional Goals

I would like to improve college chemistry education, particularly general chemistry education that reaches a broad audience of students. I view professional development in teaching and learning, both for graduate students and faculty, as an important gateway to making improvements in college chemistry education.

LSRI Projects

Students Understanding of Solutions: I’ve been involved with this project for several years. We have developed a set of facets to describe how students understand the solutions phenomena of identity, concentration and reaction.

Analysis of Concept Inventories: In working on developing analytic analysis tools for concept inventories, I have contributed by providing content evaluation and by coming to the analysis as an informed novice with regards to the statistical techniques being used.

Hobbies & Interests

I enjoy hobbies that keep my mind busy and often read “brain candy” to keep busy but relax at the same time. In addition, I like to go for long runs on the lake shore path and take belly dance classes.

Why Learning Sciences?

I had not heard of Learning Sciences until I started considering going back to school for a Science Education PhD. I choose Learning Sciences over Science Education because I felt that Learning Sciences had a stronger, more rigorous approach to research than Science Education. Learning Sciences also has more connections to higher education that the K-12 focus of Science Education lacks.

Why LSRI at UIC?

I choose Learning Science at UIC because of the strong connections to disciplinary fields. Learning sciences cannot operate outside of content. I thought was really import having access to and understanding of content was really important and something that other programs that I considered did not have. Since the release of the “Discipline Based Education Research” Report by the National Research Council, I feel even more strongly that the approach taken by the LSRI graduate program will give me a strong foundation for my future as a researcher in Learning Sciences and Chemistry Education Research.