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Photo of Michaelis, Joseph

Joseph Michaelis

Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Science


Building & Room:



1240 West Harrison Street


CV Download:

Joseph Michaelis CV


Joseph E Michaelis is an Assistant Professor of Learning Sciences, and of Computer Science in UIC’s College of Engineering. Joe’s research sits at the nexus of learning sciences and human-computer interaction disciplines.

His research focuses on designing and assessing educational technologies by utilizing human-centered methods and interaction modeling in HCI, and on interest, motivation and social-cultural learning perspectives in the learning sciences. These technologies are designed for social connection-making with learners to support learning and interest through long-term engagement, in ways that seamlessly integrate into existing educational activities in classrooms, informal learning environments, and at home.

Joe's current research focuses on designing learning companion robots to work with children while they read at home and while learning science. These companion robots “talk” to children while they read augmented books or participate in science activities by providing comments tailored to their interests and ability. The goal of each child-robot interaction is to build social connections, provide comprehension support, and promote interest in reading and STEM learning.

Prior to joining UIC, Dr. Michaelis received a Ph.D. in learning sciences from University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Ph.D. minor in computer science and a MS in science education leadership from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Joe has a workshop in the Realization Lab in the Learning Sciences Research Institute. Check it out!