Faculty Affiliation

LSRI Faculty Affiliates are those faculty members who have titular appointments in the LSRI with no contractual obligations to the teaching program of the Institute, but who are committed to scholarly inquiry in the learning sciences and willing to support the LSRI’s promotion of such efforts by voluntary participation in programs and activities of the Institute.

Roles & Responsibilities:
• Service as invited committee members on LS Ph.D. committees (portfolio & dissertation), as needed (able to co-chair with an Associate)
• Deliver one seminar biannually in the LSRI Seminar Series
• Option to teach in the LS Ph.D. program with approval from home unit

• Access to LSRI facilities and staff for grant-related work
o Videography
o Video editing
o Server space
o Human resources and budget administration
o Space for data collection activities
o Meeting space
• Option to access office space for grant-related work (requires allocation of some ICR to LSRI)
• Option to access available desk space for student advisees and employees for grant-related work (requires allocation of some ICR to LSRI)

Process for obtaining Affiliate status:
(1) Faculty may be nominated for Affiliate status by any current Faculty Associate or Faculty Affiliate
(2) Nominee submits a letter of intent explaining why they are seeking affiliation, along with CV, to Directors
(3) Nominee delivers a seminar in LSRI Speaker Series
(4) LSRI advisory committee votes on nominee’s candidacy
a. Committee reviews candidacy for positive mutual relationship (e.g., does the work relate to LSRI, can LSRI support nominee’s needs, what strengths does nominee bring)
b. Majority vote grants status
(5) Affiliate status is reviewed every three years
a. Active affiliates are expected to engage in one or more of the following on a regular basis
i. Participate on one or more committees
ii. Deliver one or more seminars
iii. Guest lecture or teach in one or more classes
b. Inactive affiliates must be reviewed again prior to reappointment

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