Speaker Series Archive

Fall 2020

Event TitleDatePresenterLink to event
Exploring integrative, dynamic approaches to understanding teacher practice and learning9/25/2020Jennifer Richards, Ph.D, Northwestern University, School Education and Social Policy
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Play as Representational Practice10/2/2020Joshua Danish, Ph.D, Associate Professor, Learning Sciences Program Coordinator Indiana UniversityView Event
Relating to Data: How are we currently shaping K-12 student experiences with quantitative data?11/13/2020Victor Lee, Ph.D, Associate Professor, Stanford University View Event
Examining students’ historical reasoning during students’ composition process12/4/2020Michael Bolz, Ph.D Candidate, University of Illinois Chicago
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Spring 2020

Event TitleDatePresenterLink to event
Creativity and Learning by InventionFebruary 14Dr. Jennifer Wiley, University of Illinois at ChicagoView Event
Interests and STEM learning out-of-school: Taking stock of technical and political dimensionsFebruary 28Flavio Azevedo, Ph.D, UT Austin, College of Education
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Conceptualizing teacher learning and practice as dynamic: Implications for research and practiceMarch 13Jennifer Richards, Ph.D, Northwestern University, School Education and Social Policy
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TBDMarch 20Gregory Larnell, Ph.D, University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Education
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TBDApril 3Barry Fishman, Ph.D, University of Michigan, School of Education, School of Information
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TBDApril 24Alexa Lee-Hassan, doctoral student, University of Illinois at Chicago, Learning Sciences
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Fall 2019

Event TitleDatePresenterLink to event
Two Models for Improving Spatial ThinkingSeptember 6Dr. David Uttal, Ph.D.,
Northwestern University
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What Sticks and Why? Investigating—and Designing for—Both Change and PersistenceSeptember 13Dr. Elenor Anderson, Ph.D.
School of Education and Social Policy,
Northwestern University
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Improving teacher learning at scale: Lessons from a 10-year program of workSeptember 20Dr. Meg Bates, Ph.D.,
University of Chicago,
USTEM Education
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Impact of Awe on Memories of Learning at Art and Science MuseumsOctober 4Aaron Price, Ph.D.,
Museum of Science and Industry
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What’s space got to do with it? Understanding the role of the physical space, information, and technology in collaborative learning environmentsOctober 25Dr. Mike Tissenbaum, Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, College of Education, Educational PsychologyView Event
Instructionally Supportive Tasks in Practice: Considerations of Equity and Inclusion during task enactmentNovember 8Krystal Madden,
Ph.D. Candidate, Learning Sciences,
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Designing for Heterogeneity in 21st Century Science Learning: Towards Critical Socio-Ecological Science EducationNovember 15Dr. Megan Bang, Professor of Learning Sciences, Northwestern UniversityView Event

Spring 2019

Event TitleDatePresenterLink to event
Evidence-Based Approaches to Curriculum Reform and AssessmentFebruary 1Dr. Melanie M. Cooper, Ph.D. View Event
Infrastructuring As a Practice of Design-Based Research for Supporting and Studying Equitable Implementation and Sustainability of InnovationsFebruary 22Dr. Bill Penuel, Ph.D.View Event
Emerging Methods in Understanding and
Supporting Collaboration in Classrooms
March 8Dr. Emma Mercier
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
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Supporting and Studying Three-Dimensional Learning and Assessment ActivitiesMarch 15Dr. Don Winks, Dr. Brian Gane,
Laura Zeller (PhD student)
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Six Degrees of Engineering-Science Integration in K-12 EducationApril 19Dr. Şenay Purzer, Purdue UniversityView Event
{TBA}April 26Anthony Petrosino
University of Texas at Austin
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Using an Integrated Model of Identity Development
to Design Digital Learning Environments
May 3 Mirlanda Prudent (LSRI PhD student)
University of Illinois at Chicago
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Fall 2018

Event TitleDatePresenterLink to Event
Collectible Card Games for Learning Cybersecurity"September 7Michael K. Thomas, Ph.D.view event
Looking at my (real) world through mathematics: Memories and imaginaries of STEM learningSeptember 28Dr. Patricia Buenrostro, Ph.D.View Event
Traces, Aesthetics and Geneses: Developing Political and Ethical Perspectives on LearningOctober 5Dr. Shirin Vossoughi, Ph.D.View Event
What’s worth teaching? Rethinking Curriculum in the Age of TechnologyOctober 19Dr. Allan Collins, Ph.D.View Event
Learning Across Professions: Examining Teacher PracticeNovember 9Christopher Fry and
Dr. Alison Castro Superfine, Ph.D
view event
Understanding of Student Engagement in Online Learning Supports for an Introductory Biology CourseNovember 16Dr. Ting Dai, Ph.D.View Event
Reducing the Impact of Misconceptions and MisinformationNovember 30Dr. Panyiota Kendeou, Ph.D.View Event